Netherman’s slime emporium


With news of the new update, where cargo trading requires sticky pistons if I recall correctly, I might just have a convenient way of disposing of slime- er… slime for sale. If anyone for any bizarre reason wants to buy some slime, preferably during the weekends, you got yourself a deal at 1000 credits per chest of slime balls. If we are low on stock, we’ll probably have it soon™.

Oh and unless there’s another source of slime balls I’m basically about to get nuked by every major nation in the server so order your slime before your dealer is dead :smiley:


Im interested. Put down me down for 2 chests.


Deal, watchman. I can start producing and delivering on Friday. If you are not online during the weekend at any point we will deliver it to Atlantis and leave a sticky note on the delivery.


Awesome, you might be able to deposit them in the Atlantis Trade Center using the old pipe system. If not then i’m sure if you give me a time especially later in the evening Friday i should be able to meet up with you at the city.


Pipes are acting oddly and we most likely live in very distant time zones. Might it be possible for me to drop a big concrete container containing the goods? I could make it work via some pistons


Yeah sounds awesome, could you deliver it to one of the landing pads near the trade center?


I’m intrested too! Can you do just 9 stacks of slime? That should last me for a long while.


wires work perfectly fine, they weren’t working with furnaces before is all. also hopper filters were removed.


EDIT: Closed because apparently we’re not getting our tech refunded (not even indirectly)
Yeah we’re not going to be capable of interstellar spaceflight for another 2 months or so. Anyone who’d like to buy some slime probably will have to enter the Frigus system because we are physically incapable of delivering anything to you.

Anyway Avion, it’s been very time consuming to get all of the slime we need to complete some of our deals but we do have more than 9 stacks. 9 stacks will cost you 334 credits (9 stacks is a 3rd of a chest, 1 chest costs 1,000 credits). You probably ought to pick it up tomorrow because there won’t be another window of opportunity for another week.


Hey Nether, i can pick up my order. However I would like some sort of discount associated with having to transport the materials myself if thats ok with you.


Your order isn’t complete yet. It’s about halfway there. Slimes only drop 1 piece of slime per small slime killed.

I will offer a discount of 50 credits.


No worries, there is no rush honestly. Nether I was able to get my ships back up to running standard by just researching a few space techs. As long as you have some money you should be capable of interstellar travel rather quickly.


EDIT: I should have posted this a while ago but we’re back on the interstellar scale. Slime production is halted because honestly I have way more profitable/productive things to do with my time than poaching slimes. The kind of scale a few hundred credits is on has now long since been irrelevant. There is about 14 stacks of slime balls currently stockpiled in Nethergrad. They will be given out for free if someone happens to ask for some while I’m in Nethergrad or in the Citadel, but if I’m not in either structures do not ask.


Probably should remove Netherman’s slime emporium from the trade section then.