NerdNationBad's Ban Appeal

Why were you banned?

I was acting very childish and toxic..

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

I have learned my lesson and matured since I was banned (my account name was different at the time) I have reflected on what I did and realized how idiotic it is. ?

What was your old username?

Sorry! I’ve been a bit busy lately. I’ve changed my username a lot but the one I got banned with was most likely EdibleAutism or EscapeAlpacatraz


Sorry this got neglected. I don’t know why it did but thankfully Orio pointed it out to me. I’ll take over this matter.

Due to the time that had passed, I will be be lifting your ban, but be warned. Any malicious bad behavior could earn you another ban.

Be good and have fun!

-Crazy, Server Director

Edit: Inform me or Orio if you cant connect. Im sure Ive unbanned you but some controls seem to be a bit odd atm.

Hmm, it seem I cannot connect.

It appears an error occured when you were previously unbanned, you should be good to log on now.