My space station is not working properly and NO ONE knows why

Can anyone please help me with my space station its name is MaethrillianStation in the Ignum solar system at coords 74033 61240… basically i built it in creatie and tested it and it had tests that took around a month or two. in Space Arena it works and worked just fine! But then we took it to survival to its current location. there is an issue where my 100 solar panels wont charge the station up, in the Space Arena it did this in around 15-20 min, i have idled for 4 hours in my station and it doesn’t seem to work. i have called for the help of some mods already i don’t rly remember them all but Braindent was the last and he made me me give up and ask for help on the forums since none of the mods understands either. the Area Shields that say that have power don’t block and not even the “charged” chargers work. i need help fast cause i cant use my space station in this state. i’m lead to believe its an isolated bug but it ruins the fun for me, i really need some urgent help. i have done tests to the creative one but everything is fine idk what to do… HELP PLS! (yes i have tried replacing signs)

Are the panels in night mode

You can’t print area shield that are detected, I ran into this same issue and discovered that you have to break the sign and replace it in order for the area shields to function properly. GriffMinester said it, but make sure the solar panels are in night mode as that’s how they will work in space. For your chargers, trying replacing the signs like you would for the area shields.

Thx everyone ill keep trying the panels are in night mode but ill try replacing them! thx for the help!

I had the exact same problem. I used to have a space station (worldguard claim) which I tested in creative (it worked) but the solar panels didn’t work in survival. I placed and replaced every solar panel, changed modes several times, replaced the wiring several times, and I got staff help, the staff member (I can’t remember his name) looked through it and said he didn’t know. I eventually abandoned the station.
Yet again, solar panels are tyrants, and I will probably go mine uranium for power next time I make a space station.

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I think it might be a problem with crafting tables on the bottom of the solar panel.

I noticed on some of my power equipment that power extraction was not working reliably if the sponge was BELOW the crafting table. Rerouting the power out of the crafting table, from the side worked 100% of the time for me. Extraction from the bottom worked before but broke recently (a few weeks ago).

I am not saying this is your problem, but if your power extraction is from the bottom of the solar panel, perhaps that’s part of your issue. Might be worth trying a few to see.