My Ship was Stolen


Yesterday I logged onto MC, expecting to spawn exactly where I had logged off- in my LOCKED ship near the Centrum to Sobrii beacon. However, I spawned in open space, with my ship nowhere in sight. I also checked /starships and it wasn’t on the list. So, not only was my ship stolen, but it was either forcibly integrated into another ship or destroyed.

I’m assuming this is not legal- is that true? Also, is there any way to recover my lost ship and stuff? I’m sure to someone of a higher rank it would seem like just a measly shuttle, but to me that was my only transportation, my storage, and my home. I also worked very long and hard on the modifications I made to it. Overall, it was locked for a reason and there was never any indication that it would not be safe that way.

Thanks! Also, I hope it’s ok that I’m asking this here: I would have asked in a DM but no staff were online whenever I checked and my schedule is such that I can’t get on MC very often.


Are you certain your ship was locked? i.e., did you wait through the 5 minute timer until it completed? If so, put the coords here and someone might investigate

If you want to ask in a DM, you can also ask on the Discord server.

If you just want the ship designs back, go to the creative server, get an alpa plot, do /loadship <your name> DO NOT pilot another ship before you do that!