My Server Ideas please criticize

Npc Stations
So I’ve noticed recently that most players don’t decide to be pirates and it kind of makes the game more bland and a little easier so maybe to encourage more people to be pirates you could add certain pirate specific things into the game like raid-able npc’s such as npc station that you can raid by destroying turrets and then going inside and these stations can be reset every week or couple of days that way it’s not too often to where it is broken but often enough to make it a reasonable thing to get on for and come on often to raid, there can also be random ships that spawn randomly on planets that are just trade ships or something like a mobile bazaar that you can kill and raid or trade with these ships could be on any planet and won’t move they will just simply appear.

More Modules
Imagine that if instead of having two modules for the power helmet and one for every other piece you could instead have multiple per armor set and have some such as jump boosting or something similar too depth strider or you could also have damage inhancements in chestplates and maybe they could work more like enchantments in vanilla where with special equipment you can add more or make it standard that the only way to add them is with special equipment such as an advanced crafting table that could be used specifically for power gear.

Advanced Crafting
I’ve seen in several custom command block mods people have made it too were
You have to craft inside a special piece of equipment (a dispenser you craft or something) what if you could craft multi blocks such as drills in said table and then place it down and a drill multi block will spawn wherever you placed it, advanced crafting could also be used with autocrafters as a second tier and can be used to craft power supplies or custom recipes for sponges and such.

Connect the Tech to Redstone
The original vanilla wires are redstone and the other day I was making a piston door and I wondered what if instead of making a piston door I could simply make a door that when you press a certain button slowly dissapears or acts similarly too the ramp on starships were you click a sign and the blocks move, you could also add particles to give the blocks an illusion of movement. Also is it possible to make certain multi blocks to be activated by redstone like imagine if you have a base shield and too activate it you flip a lever it’s simple but it could still be cool.

Nations and Settlements
Okay this is a shorter idea but what if you could change a nation or settlements status to be pirate settlement or colony or fort. Also what if you could make a nation or settlement that could change its government type and each type had different buffs and debuffs I feel like that would add a further political element to the server and make it seem more in depth

Tutorial Video
Okay last idea, what if too tie in with making the server more complex you could make a video tutorial that could be a playlist for beginners teaching new players about all the different aspects of the game and proper techniques required for svs you could also tie in rules to this and maybe give players below level seven a certain name color to indicate they shouldn’t be attacked

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I think I’d prefer to keep it that way haha.

Interesting idea!

Sounds interesting, although I think these would be difficult to code in. I’m sure micle could do it.

I would actually like to see something like this in the game.

Power gear crafting station multiblock? Yes please!

Printers are for that.


That’s a great idea in my opinion. A nation or settlement status would be great.

Interesting, could you explain more?

This whole section seems like a great idea. Who knows, I might film a tutorial sometime. You know what, I will.


So for the piston door thing I mean like on planet bases not starships sorry for that confusion and for the settlement buffs perhaps maybe being a pirate could lower the cost of ships or being a colonist could possibly make something like farms more productive but it could be anything really I didn’t put much thought into that

Ohh, ok!
I just use airlocks, haha.

I would love the idea of a sliding door, or large gates, that would act similar to boarding ramps!

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Also with the npc stations, I would love to see a raidable station with maybe a boss fight with skeletons spawning in, as a slower,high-health, high damage dealing mob slowly walks towards you.

And that way we can also have the giant hangar bay doors to replace the glass(which apparently bugs out from time to time?)

So below this Brain said it was fixed, but I still think it would be cool to have as you could close up your hangar. Maybe even make it to where you can open it from farther away.

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Oh the glass hangar doors were fixed

More pirates would spice things up also I know your post is like 2-3 Months old but I just felt like responding

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