My real ban appeal


Why were you banned? Warnings (Oldest to Newest):

Promoting rule breaking to noobs
Bypassing Filter
Caps spam
Come back when you’ll be less toxic

Ban Increase (I):
Cussing at mods and promoting SQ

Ban Increase (II):
Disrespecting staff, questioning staff decision, and being toxic
Replace this with the reason you were banned.

Ban Increase (III): Being stupid and giving staff a reason for a third extension

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? I am sorry for being toxic and stupid and will not do it again

Have you learned your lesson? Will you act differently?yes I learned to be less toxic and annoying. Yes


Copying and pasting why you were banned and pulling the same trick 3 times to get unbanned won’t get you unbanned. You’ve said you’ve learned from your mistakes before, and you clearly didn’t any of those times. Either way, 3 ban increases pretty much disqualified you from an appeal anyways, nonetheless making a joke appeal wasting staff time. Denied.