My opinion on the server ressourcepack


I think some changes to the ressourcepack would be welcome.
Overall it looks really nice but a bit dark.
I’d love a lighter shade of grey for the stonebrick as well as the stone slabs wich, in default textures look very clean and works very well with stonebrick, giving a nice contraste but with the server textures they both look alike.
Also, some Sci - fi painting would be neat, at the moment it just looks ridiculous having a pinocchio on my control room monitors … Maybe something like graphics (would representant shields states, …), arrow, hazard lines, gun racks , etc.
If you want @MicleBrick I’d be glad to help out, I got some experience playing arround with texturepack, I made my own custom version of an already existing pack for the server.

#2 PRs welcome


Yup korri told me about it, thanks I’ll do a request asap


I’m too confused to use gitlab sorry.

Tons of changes, updated some textures to the new default textures, added paintings, change gray and yellow glazed terracota, changed power toolds, quartz ore, chetherite, …
Probably forgot some changes.

So here are some screenshots


Pull requests are welcome, not remakes. Pull requests would also include individual changes, not a massive change in one pull request.


Pull request confuses me …
I’ll just see with Emeris :).


(ignore the random black flashing in the video idk wth is up with that)


@MicleBrick Sent a PR with all the changes in different commits, is that how you want it how do I need to make a different PR for every change?


Different PR per change. Make a different branch for each one on your fork as well to make it simpler.


Do I need to redo the last PR then? different branch for each fork? Not used to git vocabulary you lost me there.



Done with git, I’m pulling my hairs out trying to figure it out, sent you the changes on discord.