My idea for drones and carriers


Carriers: Ship with non-combat container limit (4.5%?) that other ships can remain detected in and take off from if immobile. Probably no weapons except non auto turrets, but power so thrusters and maybe shields can work. Wide range for size. Potentially some block for ships to land on so they stay detected.

Drones: little ship-like things with a max size of like 15. Maybe mini shields but probably not. Probably some small weapons available like laser cannons. Special thing for propellers (or just thrusters facing down/all directions). Can be launched from within ships (or just carriers). Computer could be a different block that isn’t expensive (or is I guess). Puts you in spectator mode with a combat NPC (probably) able to be used for a variety of things obviously. Low power output. I’m tempted to say unlimited containers. Like 3 blocks of concrete requirement.
Extra: carrier could be new class with XS S M L and XL sizes.