Multiple sieges for capturable stations


What if, instead of winning one siege, to capture a space station you need to win a few sieges in a row to take it? It would make it more practical to hold on to stations, so whoever currently has even a slight edge doesn’t own all of the stations.


Great idea! What do you think, two or three?


it would have to be more than just multiple sieges I think, you’d need it so there’s like a day between sieges per individual station maybe? But I want it to be so there’s more chance to actually defend too, something that somehow makes it a good time for both attacker and attacked.


maybe stations have a certain amount of HP, the amount of people sieging affects how much HP it loses from a siege, and attackers dying (leaving, even?) gives it HP back


Would it be possible to have a copy of the Stations capturer’s ship run by a skeleton NPC crew (or just automated) that defended the area. Basic AI that fire all weapons as best as it could in an all out attack and if multiple attackers where on the area, duplicate AI ships would spawn?


I could just get around to making auto turrets, and make them defend whoever owns the territory…


I’m thinking of doing this, along with keeping the 3 siege limit per nation, and adding back the certain days for sieging stations


Not a fan of limited days. How about when a player wanted to capture a station they have to /Bane which sets up a time window of 24 hours, in which the owner has to set a three hour window of vulnerability, default would be the 24 hour. At which time the attacher would return to /siege.


what if they just set it to the middle of the night


also what about every day but certain times


you still got timezones