Mounting Fighters from a piloted ship


Add the ability for a pilot of a ship to switch to a smaller ship that is part of the bigger ship and not combat release and for crew members to mount a smaller ship and pull away from the bigger ship.

This feature would give players the option to mount a fighter instead of having to fight from their freighter and add value to carriers who have multiple fighters and crew.


This is actually a good idea, which gives value to carriers. I think of Battlestar Galactica in this, mass storage of small starfighters and a launching tube or something of the sort. This would definitely add interesting stuff to combat.


Look at my drones idea.


I can agree with this idea, I see A LOT of carrier ships online, star wars, (venator and lucrehulk), unsc and covenant, name one thing that doesn’t have a carrier, I can name one right now, starlegacy.


you think it doesn’t, but maybe, there are already Carriers…


I’m late but love the idea makes the role of carriers easier


@Wouter513 Yes there are carriers. I have a couple. But I am suggesting it would be nice if a passenger could pilot one while the carrier was in flight, so that the carrier would not have to drop its shields to release it. Furthermore, could they dock while the carrier was in flight? Not moving, but piloted. Currently the only way to do it that I can think of is to shipfactory a fighter, have a passenger release, hop in and once the carrier pulls away. Recognize and pilot the fighter.


carriers should not be in the middle of the fight, but a bit away from it so that the fire isn’t on it.

main defence of carriers in real life are the fighters so that the carrier can be in the middle of the fight. but there are not enough pilots to do this in the game. result is that the carrier should be used as a fighter launcher 9000 blocks away so that the fighters can hyperjump into battle and make the carrier safe. carriers should be assistant, and not be one of the larger craft in the battle


Either way. I’d like to see them in battle. Maybe it would be cool if and I don’t know if it changed but used to be, that passengers didn’t show. Then a carrier could carry surprise forces.