More ways of getting SLXP


This might actually be a better idea than collectors, as it’s player to player and no money is generated. Or, it could work with collectors and they could both be present. I really like that idea though, we should certainly add some sort of merchant NPC for that. Would it be per city or a global market so if someone sells at Trunkadis you could buy it from Porrus? Perhaps it’s cheaper to buy it on the planet that it’s sold on but still buyable anywhere?


How about using the sold items in crates and getting them shipped like that, so that i want to buy diamonds for example, a place where there are diamonds for cheap will create a mission to ship them, and bring them to the ordered planet, once there you can pick it up

edit: still server create missions, and make these higher value so they get more shipped


The suggestion jocube had would be local markets rather than global, and thats a point I agree on. it would make the decisions on what to sell and where significantly more dynamic and promote the need to be market savvy to really succeed, rather than have some big colonist share the secret to infinite money through cobble to get all your members to baron


Markets should be global / per planet.

I feel searching what is for sale should not give to much information. In other words, I think an interface that shows everything for sale at what prices is to much info, IMHO. I prefer it more challenging.

Assuming each avatar has access to computer systems and such for news, much like chat could be envisioned as talking over radio or space phone systems, they could search the markets remotely from any where. Thus it could be command based to gather information on the market:

/price (amount) (item) (planet) would spit out the cost or a msg, “That amount is not available on that planet.” You search for something not available you have to try your search again with new parameters. another cool thing is, you could search for 500 of an item and it costs 1000 credits, but if you had searched for 400 you may have found it only costs 100! This could happen if the cheapest 400 were posted for 100 credits and the next 1000 were posted at 4000 credits. Fun Fun Fun Beware the buyer! A player could have assumed his original quote was 1 item costs 2 Credits, which in a way is true, but he could have gotten a better deal if he had been more scrutinizing in his inquiry. This little lack of market visibility adds to the challenge of shopping and favors player who post items at higher prices.

Players could use /price to discover what planets have or don’t have items and what the market value is. Which they could then undercut. Which is great for players who want to buy items cheaply. And it automatically creates a balances system of goods. IE I sell 500 sugarcane on every planet at 1 credit per sugarcane value thinking to corner the market since I have a huge farm. Sadly a smaller seller sells 500 on one planet at half the cost. So if players a smart they buy from the cheaper source and I don’t get paid, but if they are lazy I do. It is simple, self policing and doesn’t require an interface with graphics and the such.

On other more rare items the reverse may happen? Say I make Thruster Power Armor Boots and sell them for 5000 cr. Searching you may find that only one set of boots is for sale, so you post another set at a higher price, thinking that someone might want two sets!

Bottom line is, this system creates real markets controlled by the players, which is a great add. Even one that you could post to draw in players. Very few servers have good markets. Some have auctions, which is a terrible idea that totally makes a mess of chat. Some have auctions that hold items temporarily. The only down side to the market idea I am proposing is some players will regret posting their items and want them back. Which I am strongly against because the Market Guild has vested time and effort in advertising your items for sale, so they will not return them to you!

On the buying side of the transaction: You click the exporter or whatever NPC is chosen to represent the Market Guild, he asks what you want to buy in chat and the player is responsible to ask for what he wants in the correct format: /buy (amount) (item) chat would reply, “You want to buy (amount) (item) for (cost)? click [CONFIRM] to purchase.” or type Confirm, whichever is easier for you to program. if that amout is not available the NPC would reply, “The guild apologizes for wasting your time, but what you have asked for is not available.” the player can try again.


the market should be per planet, players shouldn’t decide the price, the supply and demand should do that.
more items : lower price
less items : higher price

when you buy
more items: buy price + fee so you cant resell it for the same amount

the items should be outodraining to create a small artificcial demand, because there will never be enough demand for the products people sell


Wouter513, you should read the posts again because you totally missed the point. Player control the price they are willing to post things for sale. And players choose if they are willing to pay that price. Just like in real life. If you over price your goods. they don’t sell and someone else sells them cheaper. Of course it may be that the same player posts the same item in groups at different prices. This proposal is not a fixed market price controlled by SL, it is a flexing market controlled by the players, real supply and demand. Glut the market all you like, someone else can just post stuff cheaper if they choose to. Post a bunch of cobblestone super cheap, that sounds right because cobblestone should be cheap, it is the most abundant resource in the galaxy.

And of course player should control / choose what they are willing to sell their items for, who else should?

Not sure what “outodraining” is? But the argument that “there will never be enough demand for products people sell.” is false because using this system item will very quickly reveal each items value based on player wealth and resource availability. A wealthy player who wants to build a castle and not mine and cooks cobblestone will gladly buy Stone Brick.


@JoCube about the players choosig the price, you sell to the server, not to the players, then the server sells it to players again.

high demand -> low ammount -> high price -> lower demand -> higher amount -> lower price -> higher demand etc, selfbalancing


No. @Wouter513 you POST items for sale! POST means you offer them for sale at a set price. The items you post are gone! You did not get paid. I’ll try explain in a simpler more concise way.

You get paid when someone buys some or all of your items. Your items sell only if they are the cheapest ones on the market. If you read my earlier explanations slowly it would have been perfectly clear.

Obvious the /buy is the person paying and getting the items for sale. I think the problem is referring to the person putting items up for purchase as a seller confuses the process. The person who wants to get money for his items has to give his items to the Market Guild (NPC) and hope that no one else posts the same items for cheaper. Or that the cheaper ones sell or that the demand is higher and his become the next in line to be purchased. The person buying items always gets the items available at the cheapest available price which could come from multiple suppliers thus combining the purchase into one cost.

This does give me another possible tweak to this idea, but I have to hash it out before I post it. I hope this clarified the concept for you.


It might be cool, if an item was not available on that planet, but was on another or more was wanted then was available that the NPC ask if the buyer would like to pay an import tax. This could be used a couple different ways.

  1. The item automatically is imported and the server recoups the credits thus depleting the player credit pool. Which could be a good thing for balance. But the tax would have to be steep, like double, because it takes away from space travel. And the buyer gets the items right away.

  2. Exactly like #1, but the server doesn’t recoup the credits, instead it creates a crate mission to deliver a Taxation Crate, which pays the runner the taxation amount. which could be slim to quite large. This kind of crate run would be one crate per taxation. that way it would be easy for low ranking players to make credits, possibly running multiple taxation crates at once. Oh! I like this. :slight_smile:


@JoCube how do people earn money in your way?


Markets like the ideas above could be an excellent way to have an economy that doesn’t immediately break itself like literally all other past economic models ever used in a space server.

If there’s a free market and players/corporations/possibly-state-owned-industries where prices are set by players and are thus competitive, it would drive industry to actually grow instead of being just barely enough to provide for a small community. It would also prevent prices from being imbalanced, because if you sell something for too much no one would buy it. It could work pretty well alongside the new cargo trading system as well, it would allow people to trade in order to invest in other (balanced) sources of revenue working alongside trade.

The main barrier behind doing this yourself is time and fuel it takes to ship goods across long distances. We can fix that by adding npc’s that do the shipping for you. A way to balance this out would be what Micle suggested - it’d cost more to buy goods manufactured on another planet. Ideally, we could make shipping costs correlated with the amount of goods being sold in one deal. Within-system interplanetary shipping could cost more than buying locally, and interstellar shipping could cost more than interplanetary shipping, making people across the same solar system more inclined to interact with each other.

Perhaps buying in bulk would cost less in shipping fees than buying the same amount of goods in small amounts each?

player click on Market Guild NPC
NPC “Welcome to the Market Guild.” do /post or /Buy
player /post
server type /post (amount) (item) (price)
player /post 100 cobblstone 50 validate item is listed, no: [Error 1]
[Error 1] “error no such item, try again”
player /post 100 cobblestone 50 validate item is listed, yes: [log post} and [conclude 1]
[Log post] removes 100 cobblestone from player’s inventory, add to table cobblestone [a100 (player name) c50]
[Conclude 1] “Your (number of)(item been placed on the market for (price) credits.”
If 100 cobblestone are not in player’s inventory [Error 2]
[Error 2] “error: amount of item must be in your inventory, try again.”
player /buy 1000 cobblestone run amount check on cobblestone table
"1000 cobblestone costs (price). CONFIRM to purchase. if amount is = < (amount posted)
“Thank you for purchasing from the Market Guild.” if player CONFIRM and has inventory space, give player 1000 cobblestone and remove (price) credits from buyer: [conclude 2]
“You do not have space for 1000 cobblestone, try again.” if player CONFIRM and doesn’t have inventory space
“That amount is not available.” if amount requested is > (amount posted)
[Conclude 2] “You sold (number of) cobblestone for (price)” pay poster, and send poster message or if offline (mail or log in message)


how does it stop people from buying and selling between friends?


That you keep asking questions that are obvious or directly answered in previous posts means you either don’t comprehend basic English or you are totally Trolling me. So which is it?

I’ll assume the first. Why would it matter if friends buy and sell to each other. You can buy and sell between friends as much as you like. That doesn’t create credits, it just shifts credits between them. It would be faster to just meet your friend and give him the items and have him /pay you. But lets say the friends are not online at the same time, yes friend A could post items and friend B could buy them. Of course, that is, unless someone else buys them first.


@JoCubesee the name of this forrum


I like the base idea that if a resource is not available it can still be purchased if it is available from other planets, and this sale creates a mission. Whether that mission is a taxation crate or a smuggler crate, I just like the fact that it is player induced. So in response to:

I am not a fan of NPC doing what we could have players do, which would be a huge win in the active participation feel of the server, not just a dummy response.

I wonder if there is a calculable value between credits and SLXP? If there is, would it be safe to have the smuggler/taxation crates pay SLXP instead of credits? This would make them really appealing because there value would be based off the additional amount payed by another player.

One problem I see would be a really advanced player buys a ton of resources that require taxation so that his lowbee friend can run the crate and level up. That could be limited with a simple script, “Sorry friend, this mission is to risky for you, we were looking for someone a little more proven then you. Maybe a different job would be better suited?” If the SLXP gain is above a certain % of the interested players total XP. or the higher the % the more complicated the mission.