More ways of getting SLXP



I’m thinking stuff like shooting down enemy ships, killing enemy players, placing a large amount of blocks, breaking a large amount of blocks, crafting a lot, just stuff done when playing a lot so you don’t have to trade to level up.


I don’t know about shooting down ships and people, that sounds like it’d bring back the old killing toxicity. Those other things sound very easy to abuse. However, I think we do need new ways to make XP and money for people who don’t like to or cannot afford to trade. @Shady0879 @FoxenBoxen @Xarulok ideaaaas?


I agree with you.

My two pesos, is that it ought to involve mining. Right now there’s very little reason to startup and power my drill. I know some people really enjoy mining, and the new ores you have here in SL like Copper, Aluminum, just make that more exciting. It would be nice to have that aspect of the economy running so that some in our nation could mine, some trade, and some work on food or defense or whatever. It’s nice if they can be rewarded for how they contribute.

Here’s a (hopefully simple) idea for consideration:

Since we have many more trade points now, and each planet has resources that cannot be gotten at that planet, perhaps the importer will buy different resources at different places. So Diamonds can’t be sold on Syre, but you could sell wood trunks there. Perhaps you get a small fraction of XP with the sale. Even if you’re a miner only, someone will deliver them for a cut of the money. Anyway, an idea to consider. I think you were considering something like this in the past because /value used to list value by station.

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only problem with selling ores to NPCs is we want to get people to do more player trade, but… Meh. I suppose we could just allow selling ores at trade cities, the type of ore depending on the system.


More discussion on bounties -> Bounties system

By the way, I think it’s actually plausible to allow some form of killing resulting in XP, but it has to be done right, so there’s no grinding kills like before. I think in addition to limits on it, you could get XP by killing equal or greater size ships than your ships - would also encourage the use of smaller ships.


I think you should just get points for killing ships with cargo crates but also there should be some way to tell who is carrying cargo and I love the bounty idea I think the main source of xp should be through theese two things


I think that newer players trying to get XP to rank or money for advancements most likely won’t resort to trying to kill to get it. Mostly because they won’t have any good tech or ships.

Not saying killing shouldn’t be an option for XP, I think if it could be done without the toxicity it would greatly enhance the game.

But I think the bigger issue is what to do for the new player who maybe wasted money on less important advancements or someone who got pirated and is now too broke to afford crates.

Resource gathering is the obvious choice, especially for Minecraft. But I don’t really like it being as before where things have a /value and you just sell to npcs.

Perhaps some NPCs generate resource gathering missions with random resources wanted. Would maybe control it a little bit?

Ooooor what if maybe players could pay to post a mission to NPC outposts for resources wanted… they would set amount to pay, and how much needed. A new/broke player could easily view these in game select and complete similar to a crate mission. Upon completion maybe both parties get xp?

Edit: To place missions, accept the missions, and pick up resources from a completed mission you would have to go to the npc outpost to increase flying time I think.

Edit2: Accepting and completing a mission from an enemied player gives additional XP and adds to your “bounty” from other thread, for smuggling.


Phenomenal. Not sure why having resource gathering missions wasn’t something we were discussing (to my knowledge) before


It already was planned, not just under discussion


Obviously it could use some polishing. But I would really like to see the bit of getting a little extra XP and adding to your bounty if shipping to enemy cities.

And I would use the crap out of a system to make newbs get my resources lol. It would kind of be server facilitated player to player trade.


So here is the list of ideas I have seen:

  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Resource Gathering
  • Killing
  • Bounties Hunting

My Ideas:

  • Basic Parts of Survival, such as Mining, Farming, possibly Crafting, and Fighting Mobs.
  • Exploring Planets
  • Achievements, not like the default ones, but custom ones such as: “Join a nation!” or “Print your first ship!”


I think those are great ideas for noobs to get XP. They’d give enough XP for noobs to level up but not enough to seriously grind for the very high levels. (You can get as high as 1000xp with larger ships in one trade run, so there’s plenty of room for a gap)

Might be a good way to encourage noobs to join nations too


Maybe as the owner of a trade city, get like 5xp every time someone completes an assignment at your city? Or as a nation owner get an amount every time a new settlement that hasn’t been a part joins your nation?


I don’t think there should be any sort of completely passive XP gaining methods. XP should be something you invariably have to work for


Resources aren’t infinite, and the hardcore colonists/generally wealthy people used up lots of resources to gain money. The lack of XP from gathering resources caused the drain of resources to slow. If we were to add some way to get money/XP from selling resources, it should be to other players, so the resources stay in circulation instead of vanishing to be an offering to the space whale or whatever. Perhaps smelting an ore can gift an extremely small amount of SLXP, so mining can earn XP without having to get rid of the resources.

If someone was to worry about a player having lots of resources from doing such, without a need to sell them, there wouldn’t be much point. Many miners who don’t sell their resources donate it to nations, or sell it to other players who don’t spend as much time in mining.

(Or maybe it’s just the Qusmubian in me that thinks this, yet again, Candurous made a pretty big hole to get all that money)


Resource gathering could work if it only rewarded xp in the ‘Mining Sector’ thing.


One problem with the idea of bounties is that people wouldn’t kill because that would make them a target. It all relies on people wanting to attack other people.


And Emeris I agree, unless some new resource rich asteroid belts or planets are made, current planets will just be wiped out by industry and mining.


If you think about it, there are plenty of people who kill for fun. If it got them a bounty, they are already a target so why should it matter to them? It just makes it so that bounties are more useful than before.


I agree that resources should not disappear when sold to an Importer. Instead I suggest that they become part of the purchasable items that planet exporters sell. And as an items in stock grow in inventory count, its value should go down. Example 1000 or less Cobblestone Cr. cost = 1cr. per 10 Cobblestone. Every 1000 Cobble in Exporter inventory would increase the amount of cobblestone that 1 cr. would get you. The sell value would be half the buy value and thus go down as the market floods. Each planet would have its own market thus taking something rare to a planet that doesn’t have that item would pay a lot more when sold at that planet’s Importer.

That would be a basic market. The idea for an advanced market is different and I much prefer it. I’ll explain:

A player gives a number of item(s) to an exporter. The exporter asks, "How much would you like to sell (said items) for?" The player states his asking price. That players items are now on the market at the price he set, he has not been paid, his items are gone, he will be paid when someone buys his items at the requested cost.

When you log in or if you are online and someone purchases, you get a message or mail on the credits you made and what was sold and which planet the transaction occurred.


  1. It creates a real competitive market where value is set by the players.

  2. Since goods sold at one planet might have a different cost or availability at another planet it creates a reason to travel to other planets searching for a good deal. It might be best if a player could put in a command to see where the best deal is like: /price 500 cobblestone Porrus. Which would tell the player the cost of that item at the location or say not available. The lowest inventory (which is what sells first) will be quoted. This could be from multiple players, say if the first 100 were posted at 1 cr. and the other 400 were posted at 200 cr. the output answer to /price 500 cobblestone Porrus would be, "500 cobblestone on Porrus costs 201 cr." This would also be a great command for sellers to figure out where it is best to sell their items!

  3. Sellers will also need to get their products to different planets, thus they will have to travel, this can be risky, which may make it worth hiring someone else to do it or guard you.

  4. Mining, farming and producing items becomes a viable source of credit income. But it can’t be abused because someone has to buy it before a player gets paid.

  5. When buying from an exporter he might ask, "Would you like these in hand or sent to the exporting chest?" In case a player buys larger amounts then he can carry and wants to load them in a freighter. Which was something that was a lot of fun in the old system, and should/could be used in a similar way for the importer.

I blame you Micle. This is what happens if you turn the server off!