More uranium uses


So first weapons:
Bomb: do damage that last like a day. Cost a pretty large amount of tnt and uranium. Leaves a radiated area for a hour or so
Blasters: basically a blaster, but it causes a radiation effect. Uses up uranium or uranium pellets, a new thing
Turrets: basically same as blaster but a turret and needs regular uranium
Now for power:
Reactor: basically uses like 10 uranium blocks to create large amounts of power for a week. Needs water every few hours, and uranium blocks to run. If something goes wrong, it blows up, destroying everything within 50-500 blocks for a week ish and 5-50 blocks for longer, or forever. Also creates radioactive/radiation effect.

Open to suggestions on this


Bomb does damage in a sphere of like 50-100 blocks, and creates a temporary mushroom cloud, that you can’t mine because it would kill you
Also uranium pellet is the same as gold and iron nuggets
Radiation effect: Basically wither effect but slower at killing people|


I like the idea of nukes but nukes should be multi blocks not craftable items


Yeah but lots of tnt and uranium


Depleted uranium ship armor??
Not sure I like the long term damage nukes though.


glances at Cerus Beta
Yes, add nukes


glances at Titus I agree (let’s make it more radioactive)


I like the bomb, it should make you VERY slowly take damage even with a spacesuit or quickly without one, and it should have a delayed regen (maybe 2-3x as long). I think a nuke’d be something that I’d love to use :3


but yea, nukes should be multiblocks simmilar to the white missiles in this YT series (this is not advertising, the server’s absolute trash, I quit after a day xD)


Nuclear weapons would have serious issues, if we’re being honest.


No damage should take more than 30 minutes to regen. If bomb damage lasted a day, you could just keep crafting bombs and keep an enemy settlement completely destroyed.
I like the blasters idea, though uranium rounds should do a lot of damage as well as a radiation effect (uranium is very dense).
I like the reactor idea, but it should require a constant supply of water and should be fueled by uranium, not the block. If it doesn’t have water, it should shut down, and if it gets blown up, it will melt down.


I like the idea for the reactor but I think water should be apart of the multi block not something you need to constantly refill also on part of the nuclear bomb maybe just make it like a torpedo in ships that can only be used after you put an item in it like how you need Cheth for a hyperdrive and you can replace radioactive stuff with the poison effect and just call it being radioactive, you could also make special suits or modules designed to reduce the effect but I think maybe blasters are a bit much, perhaps to make reactors more of an endgame thing you can make it need to be a massive multi block that is like a generator but uses uranium rods (crafted like end rods but with three uranium blocks) and it lasts for an amount of Minecraft days like maybe 30 total however if you go inside you get a poison effect (radiation) added on you this could also just be a more efficient way of using uranium, also maybe you could tie this in to making an entire new end game tier of generator called a power plant which if you use coal you can make a steam plant uranium = atomic, and as the best of all you can possibly add a fusion reactor because for it being sci-fi you’d think they would have cracked fusion power by now. You could also add nuclear waste which does damage too whoever holds it and if exposed could appear near the reactor as a side effect, you could use this as a way to introduce clean energy like wind power and hydro electricity as well as thermal power and solar a simple question in code could be asked for solar is it on a certain planet yes or no and if yes it can use data on the planet and see if it is close to the sun or not this can also be expanded with systems


Well it needs a cooling system, so one bit of water would eventually evaporate or just not do its job because it itself is too hot. Maybe water running through it then out could work, with no need to refill.