More PVP and less SVS (ship verses ship)


Name speaks for itself , i dont mean remove ships but maybe a ship must be harder to get ? Rather use Tanks for beginners (Please add tanks !) because Ships are the most OP vehicle i can think of


No. This is a space server. Players are attracted here for ships.
Now maybe tweak combat. Slow it down so that ship boarding is possible?


still this is star legacy not ship legacy


It’s Star Legacy, not Ground Legacy


Ship boarding is possible, it’s just some ships have measures to ensure players can’t get to them while boarding; this is one of the ways Silver got a bunch ships mid last year.


This popst is just wrong


I understand the want for more pvp, but in reality starship versus starship gives an experience like no other. It teaches you how to control a weapon of destruction. If you can’t wield it, well, git gud.


SvS>PvP it is that simple