More flyable blocks


I feel there’s a need for more flyable blocks to be added to game because our building palette is very limited. Some blocks I believe that need to be added are all stairs, full complement of fences and fence-gates, all doors, purpur blocks, quartz stuff like pillars, and finally the most aesthetic pleasing block of all time glazed terracotta and etc.


Yes. This would be a great addition to ships. I would like to use glazed terrecotta and fences/gates in my builds and even stairs for furnishing insides.


i agree completely I’m nika and I approve this message!


Prismarine too!
Prismarine stuff


been thinking this for a longggg time. for too long have we had either white, orange, gray/black, or blue ships
I think we need more technical looking blocks, like with complex textures like sponge. These blocks would still be like terracotta so you would be encouraged to make builcs look nice