More control and explaination of controls for nations and settlements


The system for management of settlemnts and nations isn’t very well explained through the MC text navigation and should have an in-depth wiki page for it. On another note settlement leaders should have the ability to mark up regions inside their territory and make it so only certain ranks have the ability to open chests acess blocks and break blocks as separate options. The current system doesn’t prevent griefing however illegal it is the person greifed still has to spend time fixing stuff.


A section of the wiki is planned for guides to nations and settlements.

Settlement leaders can already use regions, it’s a very WIP feature though, see /s region. More work is planned for it after the release of the trade update.

Mods can instantly roll back griefed things.


All I could seem to find out about regions is the ability to rent land. They didn’t have a system for role based access that I could find. I do know mods can roll back but If I log on and find holes everywhere it takes time still for mods to fix it if one is available at the time.


You can sell the regions, e.g. to yourself so it’s not really selling, and currently that gives it access to that player only. You could also rent it out and then it charges them money hourly, and it’s reclaimed if they can’t pay up.

In the future, owners of plots can give access to other players, roles, and nation relations.