Mod abusing privilege

Orovika at 410am, unnecessary warning, muting of chat based on personal reasons only.

Was placing an inquiry on a serverside incident regarding griefing when interrupted in /g chat by other players curious to know what i was talking about. As the matter did not pertain to them I didnt feel the need to answer. Instead Orovika told other players that I was angry for being killed, which is an untrue and unnecessary statement. That statement sparked a slew of comments from other players, as to be expected. Which prompted Orovika to tell me to “drop it”. Which I had already done by offering friendship and a trade agreement before other players got too hyped up over nothing in particular. As the other players continued to comment I was unjustly warned, via command, to “drop it” once again. Upon asking Orovika what in particular I had said that violated server rules and warranted a warning. I was simply told that me talking in chat for the last 15mins was a violation and then I was warned of a ban. After which I figured the best route would be to offer help to somone without mats by offering to show them how to build a cobblestone generator and was promptly muted by Orovika. One of of us is a mod. One of us is a player. The one of us that is a mod shouldnt be messaging repeatedly that a player is angry over something as simple as a death if they are not to provoke other players to comment on the matter creating an entirely new subject of conversation concerning toxicity and THEN warn said player of being toxic solely based on the current topic of conversation. The one of us thats a player shouldnt have to worry about that. In the same respect that a person shouldnt be charged in court for evading arrest when that person was running from an illegal false arrest in the first place.

I left this server months ago because of toxicity. I came back in the hopes that it would have been weened down. I only speak in chat regarding events currently undergoing online, or to provide my help or assistance. All other times i do my best to use the proper chat channels and keep to myself. I dont greif or make obscene builds or try to circumvent the chat filter except maybe to tell someone i got to empty a chest full of “carp” once. Not sure what your mods problem with me is. I would just like to play SL in peace without being harassed please. Is that too much to ask please tell me if so.

I dont have anything definitive to add regarding proof of abuse, but this particular mod has had a number of situations I’ve seen where people accuse him of abuse. I havent seen any actual indisputable abuse, however I have seen things that are what I’d consider borderline, such as piloting his barge and doing runs while in dutymode. Being in dutymode is something that could be easily forgotten about, so it is not proof of anyhting, but there have been enough people making claims that it likely is not simply coincidental.

I didnt write that with expectation, I guess thats on me :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see any evidence of said mod abusing, nor have seen anybody else claim he was. From look over the discord logs of chat at the time of the incident, I would have to side with Gen as he was just pirating (as thats what pirates do) and you were going off on him and even being a little disrespectful (at least in my eyes)

One of three things must be true for your reply to make sense, TurquoisesLight:

1) You have very poor reading comprehension ability and genuinely think that SKUD was angrily yelling at Orovika over being killed, earning himself a warning and mute.
2) While you understand the post, you still believe that the punishment was legitimate despite a distinct lack of wrongdoing.
3) You are sticking up for GenBukkit (Orovika) despite his abuse for one reason or another.

The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

Christ almighty folks. Here, if you want a “third party”, I’ll look into it.

First, they never said to “reject the evidence of your eyes and ears” as far as I see.

Second, if we aren’t provided any other evidence, what else is there to see other than what we can? He told his side of the story, but I believe that it was justified after looking in discord.

Third, what do you expect? For me to not stick up for someone who has been a decent friend and a good mod rather than look at a post and instantly be against him? Thats how people get wrongly demoted or fired from the staff team, by people not getting other sides and just taking one side as is.

Fourth, really? You couldn’t be bothered to put your actual IGN? Have you actually played? Have you looked at what is visible from discord to ALL players?

Alright. Had no clue this post existed, but I can explain the situation right here, and right now, so I don’t end up with some sort of bandwagon of angry players who want me demoted for no reason, first of all,

@Comeintheforest I’d like to see some sort of proof of these accusations, as I’ve personally not seen any accusation of me abusing at all outside of this one, and I’d like to address those situations as well if I can recall them I remember to turn off dutymode all the time, you may well be accusing me of abuse due to a glitch regarding dutymode and vanish.

Here’s my explanation of the situation I’m being accused in: With screenshots as well, seeing as there’s clearly going to be speculation, and falsification of the situation if I do not give evidence regarding my situation, if there were pieces of evidence regarding the whole thing it likely would not have gotten this big.
First of all, most of staffing on this server, and on most servers, is discretion, same thing as most enforcement jobs. You’re given guidelines, and you follow them. What happened was INDEED my choice based on the circumstances and my interpretation of the guidelines. Now that we’ve gotten past that, the explanation:
I, on my alt account Orovika went and killed JUGGALOSKUD by hyperspacing in and simply shooting him while he was constructing ships in space.
This is the aftermath of that:

If I really was hungry to punish someone or “abuse” I’d just ban him for bypassing the filter when he said “pos” I decided against doing so due to it not being a widely understood thing, and due to him appearing to be angry, which I believe that statement alone makes my reasoning quite sound in this situation. In the situation I did respond, as staff on the server play the server
So, the situation continued, and the conversation further devolved.

I did assume he threatened to ddos me, which is interesting as later in the day I was being attacked, but obviously there’s like, no way it was him who did that, my brother probably got some one mad in one of the games he was playing. It then proceeded to somehow devolve more:

This is approximately the point that he was warned, the situation ended a short while before then, so I warned him saying “Drop it” as he didn’t accept the verbal warning he was given. He spent the entire time trying to get back at me verbally for killing him in game.
Continuing so it doesn’t look like I’m cutting the conversation short:

At this point Kiro, another moderator logged on, I told him the situation, and he said to mute him. Wait until later to do so, as it appeared he might have been dropping the conversation. Clearly that was a mistake on my part. Kiro is nicked skeleton in game.

I admit that messing up the chat I was speaking in when explaining what happened to kiro was a bit of a mess up on my part, but I believe that I had reason to mute him at that point, as the discussion did not seem like it was going to end unless it was forced to. Other discussions this player has had seem to back up that assumption.
My apologies for the wall of text, but I decided to adress this to a level at which not many mistakes in the context of my point of view would be made.
I’d also advise against making callout posts, they generally don’t work in communities this small, report me to a superior staff member as I reccomended next time @SKUD
Hopefully that clears that whole thing up sufficiently :smiley:

That discussion hurts my brain agh! That’s like a bunch of dumb stuff and other stuff in chat and yeah it looks kinda like a dumb discussion to me…
Edit: also invest in grief protection today!

@GenBukkit, I read the whole thing, j had a bias towards Jugga but you convinced me that you were right, just wanna day, nice job.