Looking For Ship-Builders(CLOSED)


Dued to the aging ships of Virshia and being rendered obsolete, and till lately I’ve been struggling to make decent hulls for huge classes. so I have begun on a journey to seek ship builders for a cruiser concept I have and will show you if you got what it takes to build a ship.

Below is the format that I wish for those interested to fill out and when completed I will try to get back to you via discord, forum, or ingame as soon as possible. Important note you must have ships already made on this server or another one to get selected for the task.

Minecraft IGN:



IGN: Iretsiam173

Discord: seal boi#9204

idk if i want to take it up, whats in it for me, cash? Materials? or something else?

Edit: also i have made a few ships in my time on the server