Looking for builders for Virshia


I’m looking for players whose trade is building and can build from a long range of things from structures to spaceships. why may you ask virshia(in game nation) seeks builders. Well we cannot run without builders and as a nation were in a bad position where we cannot get anything done without a build team. Below is the format that I wish for those interested to fill out and I will try to get back to you via discord, forum, or ingame as soon as possible. Important note you must have builds already made on this server or another one to get selected for the process.

Minecraft IGN:


How often would you be able to come online and build?:


Hi Candurous im the owner of a building company which sells modular quickly buildable structures.
We offer everything from residential buildings to industrial plants.
If you want to check out our product range i can show you around on my spaceplot or send you screenshots via discrode.
My discrode name is Lorenncz as well as my ingamename.

Yours sincerely