Looking for a civil discord conversation

GhostDogYT was banned and the events I was told of doesn’t seem like they were banned with a legitimate reason that has evidence to back it up. If any staff is willing to actually discuss this with me then please reply or just feel free to toss this forum away.

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Who was the one who told you about him? He’s had many years worth of bans and multiple perm bans, all removed for various reasons. He exploited, was toxic, and broke near every rule in the book it seems like.

So, you’re saying that being toxic is bannable, ban all of SL then, if you hadn’t noticed, I became significantly less toxic as time goes on. 2 years of bans, some of which had no evidence, none of them being (griefing, hacking, xraying), and all of them being supposed noob killings (which I was simply defending), exploits (with literally no proof). May I tell you about the latest time I killed a noob? I attackd a syre base, when a noob (like lvl 3) went into a SF and started shooting my ghost, then I shot back and he died. Then I got banned for it. You wouldn’t listen to reason, nor will you. Good day sir.

Woopsie doopsie, I forgot to silence ghost’s posting here.

There was evidence; plenty of it. Staff is not required to show every piece of it to you and prove to you that you are guilty.

He was the one who told me

Alright then, this question seems to have answered itself. From what I’ve heard, Gh0st’s opinions of events are not entirely true, and he told them to you, so you (quite reasonably, I might add) wanted to find out the truth.