Loans in sector 7b


So while playing the server I often see players asking for or giving out loans of credits to others. I really like seeing this kind of player to player interaction especially something so realistic. IRL people/companies and even entire countries take out loans to increase their capital to get things done, people paid, and factories built.

I think it would be really cool and add depth to the server if there was a command like /loan where the loaning party could loan out a specified amount and time in days for the loan to be paid back.

The recipient would then receive the funds and would have to pay back the loan within the time limit (plus interest). At the completion of the time limit if the loan recipient hasn’t paid the loan back then it would automatically be subtracted from their balance and given to the loaning party.

If the recipient didn’t have enough funds to cover the loan when this happens then it would either take what they did have and the loaning party would just have to eat the loss, or possibly it would give the loaning party the full amount and the loan recipient would have a negative balance for the difference.

Anyone else think this would be cool or just me?


maybe a good idea ? but may ruin someones life so add a restart button with that :slight_smile:
and maybe a accept option for the person taking the loan so he doesn’t automatically just give money


Isn’t scamming allowed on SL