Liven up Syre project


Hello There! My name is NevLo, and i am working on the Liven Up Syre project.

What is this project?

From living on this planet for the past year and a half (ish) the blues, purples and whites have gotten really dull. I have made it my duty to add some more colors to the planet, in the form of changing two sectors Biomes! I plan on making my sector(Sector 804) into a desert with palm trees and a desert kingdom ( Giant sandcastle? ). The sector north of mine (Sector 802) is going to be turned into a giant tree forest filled with with custom trees and plantlife.

Why is this project important to the community?

Its not, its purely aesthetic. but for those of you who love to delve into the finer arts, this is a project that you should support.

What can i do to help?

Helping is simple. for these biomes, im going to need lots of StoneBrick, Dirt, Sand, Grass, Bones, Wood, and Leaves. You can either donate an amount to this cause (Either delivered to me, or i can pick it up), if you want to make some profit from it, i will buy materials for it (for a reasonable price), or you could donate your time and help me build this winter wonderland.



Hi NevLo while i can understand that the landscape of syre is a litte bit dreary, its the topic of the planet.
And i dont think somebody should change the topic of a planet.
I mean there are forest and destert planets. You shouldnt change syre to one of these.
But i think something like a garden underneath a dome would be very cool.
Please consider thats just my personal opinion and you can do as you like :slight_smile:



Hi NevLo,

I would be interested in selling you lots of the above requested materials for whatever price you think would be fair and reasonable. I could use one of my export/import ports in my trade center specifically to stockpile these resources so that you could fly to Atlantis hook up, grab the materials and then take off without having to move items from one chest to another. Let me know if your interested through discord as well as what pricing you think would be reasonable.


Awesome! what is your discord?


Sweet super excited to be doing some business please find the discord name below.