Levels/Classes for flying ships


I heard at some point a while ago that the ship levels would be removed, so that anyone could fly a large ship or a small ship at the start; if this is not going to happen of if it was forgotten I think that it should still be a thing because if a new player is a experienced builder they should be able to play around and ride a dreadnought class destroyer. And lets say a new player wants to transport more cargo and they have to wait weeks to level up to the corresponding level. So I think that all ship classes should be open to all players.


Ship levels were removed temporarily until all players’ levels had been restored after the last major update.

The idea of having all ship levels unlocked defeats the purpose of how the server works. It provides the extra challenge to the server where you have to do hard work to get what you want. If a new player wants a large ship, they need to work for it and not have it handed over to them on a silver platter.


That makes sense I just thought it was a idea so that noobs wouldn’t be super underpowered.


I totally agree. Why have ship level restrictions? I don’t think we need them. Players are restricted on the multi blocks anyway. they can’t fix or move the nav computer if they are a noob. And mainly to me, I want even playing field. Even though tech unlock still restricts it, a new player could join a settlement and be given a ship, larger then he could normally build. Which would be good for the server because more noobs would join settlements to get larger ships. Which in turn is good because we know from the past that player that join up are more likely to stay and play.

BOOM (Drop that thought bomb on you)


But then settlements could make the massive warships with basic multi-blocks which then removes the challenge of the server; if everyone was equal, there wouldn’t be a challenge and in the long run, players may leave because of the lack of challenge.

It also adds the extra curve to a massive SvS battle as everyone would have different classes of ships with players across the board, allowing everyone to have all the ships unlocked would remove putting the hard work into what they want.

How I see it personally, the current system keeps the players who actually want to work hard to get what they want and flushes out those who don’t want to do a drop and get it all for free. If someone wants a larger ship, they need to work for it; the server isn’t going to hand over the best things on a silver platter.


The server doesn’t hand over anything. A generous benefactor might give a noob a big ship if he doesn’t mind loosing it.

Since noobs are exactly new, and are not expert pilots.

And I agree with, “Players leave because of lack of challenge.”

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