Level 4 Bullying

Help. They keep bullying me! They keep killing me when I try to get my ship and gold has destroyed it! The dealer doesn’t sell ships with nav computers! so each time I try to get my ship back! I die and then take another hour to go back! Gold has evicted me out of metlebeard’s settlement even though gold doesn’t own it and I got permission from Metlebeard to live in that settlement! Please help :(:cry::cry::cry:

No body help this man. I’ve heard 2 reports of griefing orovika so this is what he deserves

That’s a yikes from me

Lets see. You griefed Honza, a nation member and friend of mine, while doing a job for him. You also stole from me after me expressly telling you not to steal from my ships in my settlement. You even boldly claimed that, and I quote, “maybe co [i] is wrong” in your defense that you did not steal when you in fact did.

This was when I kicked you. After this, you were banned for 3 days. When you came back, you trespassed on my land after 4 clear warnings that doing so would result in your death. I fired a warning shot at you, you almost killed me because I suck at pvp, then I killed you in a corvette.

You then taunted me about having access to another friend’s unclaimed asteroid base, so I went there, removed your cryopod for him, and then claimed the base for him because someone had already tore out all the wiring previously. Now, you slander me.