Let's Add Stealth Drives


maybe a different multi block that makes your’e ship invisible ?


its doesnt provide advantage, everybody will just go invisible and nothing will happen on the server anymore!


large battles, base attacks etc will still be happening


I agree with noty. Colonists ALREADY have an advantage, whoever thinks colonist should get a buff, should go throw a nerf ball at themselves. The main issue though, is /getpos


Perhaps before we add a stealth system for ships, we could add a cloak projector for bases? Something that makes bases invisible from the maps, replacing them with empty map images instead, and any player inside the radius of the cloak also to be invisible from the map, as well as undetectable via /getpos. The cloak barrier itself wouldn’t be a solid or physical dome or block, and players and ships could pass through it freely. If you enter the cloak field, you can then see what is hidden underneath it. But if you leave it, then it all disappears again. I feel like this would be a potential better first step towards stealth drives or cloaks versus having them equipped on ships first.


This seems more like a jammer. What I’ve seen of cloaks is making you invisible and unable to be found on radar or whatever. This just makes you not appear on the map (which seems like a radar with images). Just saying name seems unfitting for purpose. I like idea though. Also at least a third against this that have spoken are pirates… hmm