Let's Add Stealth Drives


Stealth Drives

What’s not to like about them? They’re in virtually every sci-fi movie and TV show.

I propose that we add stealth drives to SL. I’d imagine it’d be some sort of (very expensive) multi block, possibly using chorus plants or some other type of End item as fuel, with their main purpose being to hide you from the SL Map. You could toggle them on and off, and it keeps both citizens AND pirates happy. Pirates get to sneak up on unsuspecting players, and citizens get to hide from dangerous pirates.

Now, /getpos would still work, but that only adds to the challenge. Just imagine if someone had a stealth drive and a nav comp. They’d be pretty hard to catch, even with /getpos, wouldn’t you agree?

Overall, I think the whole thing balances itself out. It provides both good and bad players a huge advantage, yet it also provides a disadvantage to every player using it. Unless they’re willing to turn off the drive and risk being seen, the only way they’d know where they are would be by looking at their coords.

I’d love to know what you think of this.

@Destroyer917 had an excellent suggestion: No weapons while in stealth mode. I really like this idea, and it would help balance the whole thing out more.


The problem is that it would reach a point where if you don’t have one, u r ded. It would become a must-have multiblock and make life of a newb even harder.


Possibly make the advancement several 100k credits so only a small handful actually have access to it(just something I thought of on the spot).


I agree. Not only would the advancement be expensive, but also the multi block materials and the fuel it used. Not impossible to achieve, but hard. You’d have to be a very determined individual to get it, but it’d be so worth it. Plus, pirates can spend 24/7 looting noobs. They gotta sleep sometime…


That’d give all the rich players an immense advantage when they’re already better off than others


I’m planning on making stealth drives already, they’re probably going to come in different sizes, and cost more fuel for larger sizes (bigger one is necessary for a bigger ship)


no weapons while in stealth mode or when you shoot stealth mode deactivates !


Let’s not add this pirateing was already demoted enough in update as is and this would give the advantage to those who really don’t need it as much


That’s actually a fantastic idea. It balances out this system even more so


It doesn’t just give pirates an advantage. It gives citizens one as well. Pirates can’t pirate invisible people


I’m looking forward to it :smile:


Hate the idea, isnt pirating hard enough already?


it may make it easier because traders wont know your there


also maybe makes you’re ship harder to see


Exactly, it benefits both pirates AND traders. it gives an advantage to whoever uses it.


Plus I really liked what you suggested earlier, that you can’t use weapons while in stealth mode


Maybe not a stealth drive. But a cloaking device that only works when stationary?


That would defeat the whole purpose.

We already have cloaking drives (kinda). Just stop piloting your ship and don’t hold your controller. You’ll disappear from the map.

The point of the stealth drive is to let you move around without showing up on the SL map/Sidebar.


Maybe we could allow stealth drives but only for combat ships so they can sneak up on freighters? That might help encourage pirating. :grin:


well the point is that is provides an advantage to both pirates AND citizens. it’s an unbiased tool. I understand people are upset about the lack of pirating, but I’ve been on the receiving end of it a couple of times, and I actually came up with this idea after one such attack.

it isn’t my goal to make pirating easier/harder. stealth drives are unbiased. if a pirate wants to use one, then they get a pretty sizable advantage. and if a citizen wants use one, they too get a pretty sizable advantage.

the point is that anyone can use it, not just pirates.