Lava Power Source


It has come to my attention that lava cannot be used as a source of power in the power generators, that makes no sense as redstone can be used as fuel, but what’s the point of lava than other for smelting? None, atleast give lava some use other than to just be lame, sad, and boring cmon micle


Did you say lava is boring? Take it back! Lava to smelt, yes yes obvious.
Lava doors.
Lava traps.
Lava for PvP.
Lava hidden base.
Lava secret door.
Lava cobble production.
Lava fountains.
Lava lights.
You wanna talk boring, it sure ain’t Lava!


Would be too OP as some planets are just full of it, it would mean infinite power and people would ruin the map :confused:


Hmm. You got a point there. Maybe lava is an untapped market? Land reclaimation and bucket of lava delivery service.


Yes but it’s 2 planets that have lava, and seeing as how arbusto literally has been overclaimed I don’t think it’s too bad, lava would just be claimed and, then everyone has a limited supply of it, and it would make a good deal with economy


I’m pretty sure more than two planets have lava because Collis, Cerus Alpha, and Orcus all have lava and I know other worlds have lava as well.


just those 3 lol night


I think instead of a lava bucket, a pipe should be put into a large lava pool and eat up lava blocks that touch it?


Titus: the forgotten world


nah I mined all that uranium to power my base night XD