Land Speeders Proposal


As most of us know, speeders used to be the ship under shuttles. Now I propose something different but more star wars like. I propose planet-only speeders for getting around at high speeds.

Now the boring things that are important: they would have 25-100 blocks, can’t cruise but have very fast direct control, and have low weapon power. This makes planetary fighting more interesting with speeders chasing each other through the planet to the trade city.

Basically, land speeders should be implemented as planetary transportation and makes exploring a planet or traveling to a nearby base quicker and more creative.


I’d like suggestions and discussions about this too. Many people have viewed it and we need to flesh out the specifics.


If there’s still a bit of “basic movecraft” Left in the starships plugin, a hover limit could be set for land speeders so they are actually land based craft being called “land speeders” and all. I personally feel like that’d be cool.

The idea itself is fine though, I really don’t see any balancing issue with this or anything like that, land speeders would be cool and add more adventure, utility, and possibly more action.

Incoming “It’s not LandLegacy” Reply:


I was thinking of a height limit too, however shot it down for reasons I’ve forgotten.

Besides, Land Speeders are star wars, which is the server theme.


I could imagine if you’re actually fleeing an enemy or something a height limit that is too low could be annoying, but a height limit of like 15 blocks above the ground would be fine imo.


Hmm. I’m just thinking out loud, and I don’t know much about the coding/modding process, but what if, with the hight limit, as stated above, as you move it would keep you the same hight in the air, so if you moved up a hill or went down a hill it would keep you however high it was originally at, say 2-3 blocks in the air. Then you could focus more on moving forward and less on looking up and down and running into changes in elevation. Just an idea


That is possible, but if the server still uses a plugin at least similar to movecraft, that isnt easy to do, adding a land speeder and setting a hover limit is easy though.


BuT gEnBuKkIt!1!

iT’S nOt LaNd LeGaCy!1!1!

jk I really like this


I like the idea, only for planets, restricted to them. i love it.

it gives purpose to the idea of carriers too… because right now shuttles or fighters dont do much for a cruiser… but a speeder…

also, that would be the only way to get them to travel. they should be locked or blocked for use in space.


What if you can make tanks that would be limited to the ground but would have very strong shields and a HT