Karox Canyon, Capital of Arkon


Karox Canyon is a settlement on Harenum in the Ignum System. Karox is recruiting players to help build up Arkon as a nation. Our goal is to be a new player-friendly group that will supply you with the things you will need to survive and complete your own goals. We offer a place on (almost) every planet you would want to live on.

Our goals within our settlement are to build different structures for the benefit of everyone in Arkon. If you ever feel bored, there is something you can do. Joining us gives you protection from our allies as well as our members throughout space(within reason). The dividing line between Arkon and Karox is very thin, so most of the time Karox is not treated different from most of the nation claims(Besides that it’s more important).

We have many ship designs for you to choose from; even sometimes basic ship building lessons. We’ll even trade with other settlements to get the materials you will need for your projects, too! However, if you go inactive(Your name turns red)without a reason(vacation, hospital trip, etc.), we may decompose your ships or projects for others to complete their projects.

To recap, Karox will support you and your goals, let you live on any planet(even space!), and offer you ships designed by the Arkon builders. Members who can invite you are jrwings and I, Xarulok. Our discord is located here: https://discord.gg/vFghsXd

So join Karox Canyon, Capital of Arkon!