Just in case SL is ever hosted on a supercomputer


So here’s an idea that could be implemented just in case SL ever gets migrated onto a supercomputer. This is a “just in case” idea. But if Micle ever strikes it rich and obtains a huge data center or something like that, this might be a fun idea to implement.

Minecraft is far more capable and moldable than it seems at first. It turns out that worlds can be sculpted to suit one’s every need. One doesn’t need a procedural generation system for planets because minecraft already has one. So, chances are that if the server is ever hosted on a supercomputer that the server will also be overcrowded. The solution to this is could be to make an update allowing nations to truly expand their borders into space, or it could be to simply add new planets.

New stars, preferably based on real-life star classifications (like red dwarf or yellow “dwarf”) would be placed decently far away from the core of the sector, most of which would host planets. Most of these planets will be completely inhospitable to life and could look like the moon, mars, europa, even venus, or even some other crazy idea like worlds with oceans of lava or methane (like titan). These planets will tend to kill you as soon as you take your spacesuit off. However, maybe about 10% of planets which are not too close or far away (perfect distance depends on type of star) will be habitable. Some of these will be barely-habitable worlds, examples of which are dry deserts or cold permafrost-covered worlds, and others will tend to be more hospitable. World with forests, like Arbusto, or worlds with jungles, like Trunkadis, may appear. Perhaps with a clever plugin certain worlds could be made which would be better suited to host life than even the Earth, like worlds with relatively thick atmospheres and lots of water which could host really huge plantlife.

On a side note, some frozen-uninhabitable worlds may have habitable oceans underneath their thick layers of ice. It is quite a shame that we’re limited to only blue and red sky colors in minecraft, but I’m sure we’ll move on regardless of sky color limitations. Most of these worlds can easily be made via the custom world configuration minecraft can create, and then polished via a simple plugin removing certain things like plants, water, or whatever doesn’t fit, but some possible ways to make worlds (like worlds with giant vegetation) may require a more robust polishing plugin.

The creation of new solar systems will also generate hyperspace beacons to nearby solar systems, though sometimes they will not have beacons for some nearby systems. This could create an interesting hyperlane network, and even some interesting defense strategies involving picking a good solar system to place your base in, where the gravity wells of objects in nearby solar systems could make travel to your solar system difficult and time-consuming, allowing you to jump on your attackers while they’re still trying to attack you.


This is No Man’s Sky.

Good job.


Infinite space basically? I think that would be a great idea.


I haven’t played no mans sky, should I?


I’d say no. It’s pretty repetitive and the combat isn’t that fun.


SL is getting a memory update soon


I think at least mabye