JediAlliance (Doesn't recruit)


The JediAlliance is not recruiting.
We don’t recruit. We don’t support players that can’t hack it on their own. We don’t give out free ships to people who can’t design there own in a sandbox game.

You may say, “That’s why the JediAlliance only has a few members.” and you would be right. Hmmm, that kinda makes sense, since Jedi don’t live on every street corner.

The JediAlliance is on Porrus. Almost smack dab in the center. It is not to fancy. Has held its own verses a Star Destroyer bombing for over 20 minutes. It lies under the shadow of the Temple of Yavan. (Only those who have been there understand.) It has two vanilla shops. Small Farms. A mining facility (defunct since the update), Anti air and anti personnel defense systems, Security code member entrance

Members must be Faithful, Honest, Self Reliant, Tough (Doesn’t mean you always win. Means you can take a loss. But you make em fight for the win.) and never say you are Bored (Boredom is a sign of a weak mind.). Some RP required. Members must run missions to Rank up. Members must be interested in being part of the group and improving what is shared.

JediYoungling (2 members)
JediPadawan (1 member)
JediKnight (2 members)
JediMaster (none)
JediGrandMaster (1 member)