Jartthefarts ban appeal

Why were you banned?

For Racism and filter bypass

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

So, I spammed n****er in chat as a typo,
I was raiding a discord server where I was spamming it, you can see here

that’s us sending the discord and saying we’re going to raid it,
(PM me on discord for this Link)
That’s me saying that I am going to raid it and spam the n word
Furthermore, as you can see, in the next screenshot the message was made for so that it would spam discord, that’s why the screenshot shows it sending it every line and not just spamming it, in a chunk like it did in game.
(PM me in discord for this link
You might ask how i could miss a massive chunk at the bottom of my screen, but as you can see in this screenshot
(PM me on disc for this
it only covers up the very bottom of my screen which would be hard to notice for people with just a single monitor who aren’t paying attention, but I have 3 monitors, and was paying attention to discord, not minecraft, and just thoughtlessly pressed ctrl v enter,
Here you can see that I have 3 monitors,

(I play minecraft on the center one)
and can see how if im looking at either side monitor, it would be hard to notice the small chat line.
As to why I was pasting the message instead of just typing it in space, that was because Calamity was in the system I was jumping to, near Crystal (You can ask her) and was waiting in the atmosphere of cerusbeta for Calamity to leave the system, then when he was in jump I could go out and paste the command in so hopefully he wouldn’t notice me or I could get to a trade city in time without him seeing me, you can ask Crystal if you don’t think my word is enough.
Ontop of this I was also grinding crates when I spammed it, what would be the logic in grinding to level 42 in 3 weeks, and grinding literally 10 minutes before spamming something and getting myself banned, I had also just founded a new nation, what’s the point in going through all that effort just to get myself banned .
Furthermore even if i suddenly decided that I’d spam it what would the motivation be other than to provoke a reaction? So surely it would be better for me to wait for peak hours when there’s 30+ people online, and when there’s more of my friends online so it’d be more fun.

Also, as soon as I said I wasn’t saying LOL or KEK or anything, I wasn’t enjoying it, I was just telling Gen to ban me and explaining to crystal what happened to cause me to send it.

I do understand that, this entire thing wouldn’t have happened had I not been immature enough to spam a discord server with the word. And if I am unbanned I will learn from my mistake and make sure to conduct myself in a far more mature manner, even if it is on server’s unrelated to SL


since I’m a new user on the forums I can only send 2 links, PM me on discord Foirie#5281 and I will send the screenshots I spoke about in this post

I’d say you need to stop accidentally typing in minecraft, if it was still in global and was shown to players, I say you deserve the full sentence. The impact is still the same whether it was an accident or not.

Well I didn’t know it was permaban, I’d say like a 3 month ban, but not my jurisdiction anyway.

The fact that you are raiding servers concerns me, especially with nsfw content, but it is none of our business. Just know that it paints a bad image of you in my eyes.

I shouldn’t be as lenient but as it isnt SLs business, I will not add on for it.

The time was determined and your ban will expire 24h from now.