Item Importers at cities vs item collection missions


There needs to be an accessible way for new players to gain XP and money, so they can move on to higher tier things, such as cargo trading. The two best ideas I’ve seen:

  1. Importer NPCs at every trade city, importing a limited and carefully balanced set of items
  2. Special NPCs at every trade cities, which generate random missions like crate missions, except they’re about collecting resources and bringing them to the NPC within a certain amount of time

I might even make both of them, but it is fairly urgent that one be made now. Which one should I make?


Also, if I do #2, what should the NPC be named?


or you could make a NPC where you can buy and sell as much as you want, but where the price is determed by the amount the npc has.


That sounds begging for disaster if the equation goes wrong.


you can make it better by slowly deleting the item stock at the npc so the price rizes again, like with sea lanterns, who would buy the amoun that are being sold


NPC should be called “Merchant”. Also it would be interesting if the NPC stockpiled the resources and could resell them to other players.


I like option #2 better simply for the fact it would guard against someone making a killing off of just one thing.

They would have to be flexible to provide what the NPC needed as opposed to someone having a large and specialized farm or something to capitalize on it over and over again.

Maybe name them a “Wholesale buyer” or something idk lol.


I vote #2, but think that the NPC should request materials that can be found locally and each NPC named individually. IE one on Syre would be “Mark the Miner” (ideally something more creative, but the general idea is there) and Mark says he needs you to mine some diamonds for him (maybe his wife is sick and he can’t meet his quote without your help)
Or the Atlantis Chief of Police needs you to help cut down on the creeper population, so bring him x gunpowder or creeper heads to show you killed some
Or like a young girl at Hibernia who wants you to bring x number of oxeye daisies because she likes them
I think this would be a strong immersive RPG element if they aren’t all identical npcs generating random missions, but instead unique “quest” NPCs who can help add some flavor to the world of Andromeda 7b and encourage new players to explore the planet they are on in search of the requested material


that’s like way too overcomplicated, unless it’s a one time mission or something


If this is trade cities, there like what, three of them? Just have them randomly assign an amount of materials from a preset list of local materials


There is one on every planet plus settlement ones.


Plus settlement ones? I thought the non- settlement ones were called outposts. That’s what I was suggesting that for.


well sure, but the usage of npc cities is supposed to be discouraged/mostly useless when settlement cities are added, no?


i think we’re both confused. I thought you were talking about the settlement cities so I assumed there wouldnt have to be many NPCs, just a handful. It looks like you meant the NPC outposts, so yes there would be a lot and I could see it being a lot of work since theres so many more