Ion Cannon base defense (I know)


I know.
Trust me, I know.
This idea has been given a thousand times in game, to staff, to the owner, to almost everyone. Still, please, hear me out.
As a homeworld fan I believe An Ion cannon should be a supermassive expensive weapon that disables any shielding systems a ship has and destroys the hull of said ship. This wouldn’t work in game though at all.

So instead I come with another idea for Ion cannons, Here’s a list that describes how they’d work:

  1. After building the multiblock, (Images at bottom of post, also can of course be changed.) The ion cannon is able to work just as a heavy turret, Except it doesn’t work on ships.

  2. When an ion cannon fires, it fires a beam, this beam disrupts the shielding, and/or weapons systems of the ship fired upon, it also does 1 damage (half a heart) every second it’s hitting a player wearing power armor, meaning that a player at full health takes 20 seconds to kill if they’re dumb and stand in front of the ion beam.

  3. “Disrupting” The weapons system of a ship slows the ship’s weapon charging rate by 20 percent (Or whatever percent) And does similar to the shielding recharge rate. Which is good for base defense, as it makes the ship take longer to kill your base, and makes your base take less time to kill the ship. The ion cannon doesn’t actually damage the ship at all though.

That’s pretty much all, feel free to ask questions or force me to elaborate on how exactly this would work. Or even pitch in your own ideas on how this could work. I’d love to discuss it.

Ion cannon images (Green wool is uranium):



I like this idea! wouldn’t be great for defending if there wasn’t someone else to shoot a heavy turret tho because it dosnt do damage it just slows regen and rate of fire. maybe have it make them fly slower as well?


I really like this idea as well it would be great to have another layer of defense against stronger players.


Surviving a base raid is basically impossible atm indeed with base defenses but what you described there is way too overpowered, how would a ship survive this?


There’s a reason the percentages I gave had (Or whatever percent) Next to them, I think that there’s quite a few simple tactical adjustments that can be made to survive this. To start, if you’re attacking a one man base, of course you really don’t have to do anything in the way of surviving as that player cannot damage you while using the ion cannon to disrupt your systems If someone is shooting you with an ion cannon while someone else shoots you with an HT, turn around and wait for your shields to recharge, Or stay at distance and make adjustments to your position. It’d only really work efficiently with more than one player in the base, or to stall while waiting for reinforcements. This weapon isn’t supposed to be a way to end the enemy’s attack, but a way to make it take longer and support other people in combat. (Unless you didn’t read through the actual post and only looked at the death laser thing, if that’s the case, read through the actual post :stuck_out_tongue: )


Maybe make this weapon take actual energy from your powergrid


That might be a good way to balance it, perhaps A bit of energy per second and it’ll be used more tactically, but I feel at a certain point “Balancing” Makes the weapon completely pointless, Like if the cannon slows ur enemy’s ROF by 20% But then takes 20% of ur area shield’s power. It’s still helping a little but it’s really not the most useful weapon at that point.


Energy is so easy to come by, make it use actual items like minerals or ammos


I feel like it would ruin the weapon to have it consume something, the structure calls for uranium because the cannon draws its energy from that. I feel like this is obviously and should obviously be a support/stalling weapon for when you’re being attacked, not a weapon that ends somebody’s assault, but one that will weaken them if they keep attacking while being shot at, as well as one that can keep your shields up for long enough for someone who can shoot them to get there or get on.