Infinity War Event

Hear me out. Everyone’s groaning in their seats, I can already hear it. Well, it’s 4 am and I HAVE A SUGGESTION! Since the server is based on Canon Star Wars Lore, I propose we have an Infinity War event (Episode 9.5). This means that there are 6 stones released into the server, each of which has a reality-bending power. For example: if killed with the Time Stone, you can regenerate your ship and fight again. With the Power Stone, your weapons do more damage. If all 6 stones are collected by one person, their ship gains near invincibility, and then they have to begin a siege on 7B. Their ship must stay in a 1000 diameter circle, which will replace Centrum’s sun AND station (yes, they get deleted). If players can manage to defeat them during this special siege, they can prevent what will happen next: ONE random planet is selected, and an hour countdown is put in place. At the end of this countdown, the planet is LITERALLY reduced to atoms.



Okay, it’s nearly 5 AM and I have an update. This event would actually work out really well if you got to CHOOSE a planet to destroy with all the stones. Here’s why:

Players would unite to prevent the stones from falling in the wrong hands.

Players would also fight together to collect the stones to serve their agenda.

An event of this magnitude would bring players to the server, especially if it was filmed and put on YouTube in interesting ways.

Why not do this? It’d be fun… :slight_smile:

I see how you’d see this idea as good, but giving players the ability to destroy planets is a horrible idea in general, it doesn’t matter whether or not players are able to prevent it from happening, it’s just a bad idea.

Infinity stones aren’t part of Star Wars lore and Star Wars lore isn’t part of Star Legacy lore. Also, this whole thing is incredibly unbalanced.

r/woooosh @Peregri. (20 characters)

Poe’s law at work again. I’ve heard legit suggestions that sound a lot like this before

vega’d buy all the stones for like a milli each and screw up the ecconomy with their invincible dreadnaughts. naaaaa

huh? didn’t know I have a law…

I am sorry but what.