Important debate

Would the server be more fun if the AR and Vega
were disbanded?

(I think yes)

I think for newer players it would make the server far less daunting and add back some fun and intrigue to the politics side of things, I mean when was the last time I exposed a plot or destabilised an enemy government, it’s been too long.

May as well add CoIN to your list

I mean it probably would because more or less fair wars could happen a lot more often (currently there’s not a lot of nations that are not in a group, and they usually try to be fairly neutral).

We just need pirates again, there are so few pirates I only need one hand for all of them; in a year we went from about a dozen or so(probably more) pirates to less then 5. Even right now, the next war would be detrimental to everyone; nations have been getting more powerful, Arimfea and Ekatera are no longer the dominating nations they used to be in the days of old. Being a pirate is basically signing a death sentence.