I was banned unjustly


Why were you banned?

‘Stop Harassing NoobKiller’

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

I was muted, then banned for the supposed harassment of noobkiller by Xarulok. Here’s my explanation.

NoobKiller was told by Micle that he was not allowed to join the Republic (he was spamming at the time), but a few days later, he was in Ekatera, defying what he had been told. I informed him of this in a polite way, mailing WatchmanPhileo. 10 minutes later, I was muted, with the reason being that NoobKiller was permitted to be in the Republic. Another player (Lucius_Drakov) did explain that I was indeed right to Xarulok, but he chose to ignore that anyway, muting me, not giving me any time to explain.

Then, around 30 minutes later, I was cruising to the hyperspace beacon, when NoobKiller, in an attempt to get me banned, alleged that I was chasing him.

I was not.

I fly an incredibly fast ship. It is very hard to cruise to a beacon as I overshoot often. I had a gravity well enabled for my own safety until I reached the beacon. Again, Xarulok did not approach me to ask what I was doing and banned me. He had no sufficient reason apart from NoobKiller’s allegations.

This was dealt with extremely unprofessionally. He proceeded to ignore my friend requests and requests to talk via signs in creative.


Even if his allegations today are incorrect I think the harassment of NoobKiller before today is enough, and you kept doing it. Constantly chasing and attacking AN ALLY because someone said something. It’s not following orders at a point, noone was ordered to chase him and attempt to steal his ship twice.
That constant harassment is ridiculous.

My apologies for replying to a ban appeal I wasn’t involved in, Although I was there when it started.
Sorry again, I did not issue the punishment, I’ll not reply to a ban appeal I don’t have anything to do with now.


Please explain how I harassed him before today. I also never touched his ship?


Also, if reminding someone that they are not allowed to be in the alliance is harassment, then 5 or 6 people should have been muted along side me. I did nothing wrong. I was not rude to him, I did not spam him repeatedly, I did not chase him.

Pray, do explain, how that is harassment


List start:

  1. Attacking someone who’s under level 7 when they question you, using the claim that they attacked you when your response to that “attack” Was telling them to leave a planet for 20 mins before killing them and attempting to steal their locked ship.

  2. While attempting to steal that locked ship, telling the player that their ship will be given to “more deserving members”

  3. Proceeding to keep driving that player away, despite them being an ally

  4. This isn’t something you did that counts as the harassment, but attempting to argue with me when I warned you to stop trying to steal their ship Saying: “You’re wrong, I’m not there right now, So I didn’t try to steal it” or something along those lines, despite me witnessing you and 2 other members of your settlement attempting to take the ship, and all of you displaying in ally chat that you’re taking a locked ship, I assume so the player could see it. You appear to have been attempting to make life as bad as possible for that player for no actual reason.

I witnessed all the things I’ve stated up here.

I hope you can understand why I view that as harassment, If you don’t, I really don’t care.



Firstly. The player in question was a totally different person who decided to defect from our nation and join UNSC. The player at the time was level 7 which makes it allowed for me to hunt them.

Noobkiller, not related to the incident you tell of, attacked one of our members, and that sparked the interest in him. Which resulted in me remembering that he was banned from the Republic.

Also, we tried to steal said ship, which was subsequently locked, but did not do anything illegal.


I’d also like to see some evidence of what I’m being accused of


That is a complete lie lol, I was watching in vanish due to the fact that you were attacking a low level player who was also an ally.
If anything I can remember the name of who you were attacking XD.


What I’m getting at is that there is no real evidence on which to ban me on. I have not harassed said player. I’ve spoken to him once or twice, always politely. I have not attempted to target him in any way.


I have the word of many different players saying you’ve been harassing this player. I would also like to point out that he was never banned from the republic and that most of us will welcome a player from UNSC. I watched on the map you chasing him and ultimately giving him a bad experience on SL. Then there are Gen’s already spoken reasons. Therefore, I find this ban completely justified. Besides, it’s only a day.


ima be honest but this is wierd. so by orders of the leader of the republic he’s not allowed in, then joins a random settlement in it? Also just give him evidence


The ban is over now :confused:


Ik but I was saying what the heck happened, so first banned from it, 1 day later he joins