I think black holes are cool

I think black holes would be a pretty cool addition to SL. They could potentially act as an obstacle for hyperspace travel between systems besides simply just other stars/planets, and make it so that certain systems could be blocked off from others, or even be inaccessible via beacon. This is assuming that more solar systems are added in the future, as with only 4 systems that already have established hyperspace beacons/routes the addition of a new permanent obstacle between them would be more annoying than interesting. Perhaps ships and players would also take damage if they get too close to one, or beyond the “event horizon” the ship just disappears and the player dies.

oh god. the complaints about losing ships… it would be too much.

Im just interested in the idea of a dangerous part of space that you have to navigate around to potentially reach new systems/a new area of space. I just think it would be cool for exploration.