I know you stole some textures


you stole textures from the red engineer
Stolen textures
“also,id like to be unbanned plz”


Yes, most of our textures were not made by our staff. However, the textures we use are free-to-use so it’s fine!
If you would like to be unbanned (or maybe I’m just misunderstanding? I don’t understand the quotation marks there) then please make a ban appeal using the correct format and etc.!


From what I observe, the “stolen textures” are merely just images used for the thumbnail of the video. Although ours is altered, the drill image itself is seemingly from an old 2015 mod called Drillify(Honestly, thats probably still not even the source!). Do your research before you try to accuse us of stuff, ey? :wink:

Anyways, we do borrow a lot of textures, but a good half of them are completely custom or just recoloured variants of the newer Minecraft textures.