I had another accident

Why were you banned? So there were a few new players being mean to me and they were working on a space station i decided to take action against there toxicity by flying my fighter into a hangar door unpiloting and repiloting as a destroyer and cruise into another plot

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? Because I am sorry and will next time not retaliate by destroying their stuff
Have you learned your lesson? Will you act differently? Yes I will no longer deface or destroy someone else’s design in creative

Breaking rules to get back at others who break rules isn’t a good idea. Whereas I won’t removed the ban, the ban will be shortened.

We were not mean to you in any way, we were flying around in my plot I was showing my mate my ships on my plot, then u flew to us and started shooting my designs, just trying to annoy us and then u flew into my carrier and stood in the hangar. Piloted it as a destroyer and moved it away to another plot and now someone has a big carrier in his plot and will not have any idea what to do with it amd maybe even use the desings.

Oh I forgot to close this