How do you make ships

Im a very new player.
How do you create ships? Os there any way to do it without goi to planets and mining resources, only to die because the whole planet is claimed?
What are ALL the posible ways of making ships in this game?

A ship=1 jukebox(ship computer)+100 or more flyable blocks (must be at least 30% concrete)+whatever you want (that can fly). For virtually every ships you want to add thrusters. On most ships you want shields, and on big trade/cargo ships or any type of warship you want weapons. In addition, you probably want a hyperdrive if you want to leave your current system and not take over 30 minutes of cruising to do so, and a Navcomp added to that makes travel even easier! There are several ways to exit your ship that you can build besides just regular doors and trapdoors. All these things and more can be found on the wiki if you type /wiki in game or go to the website and click the wiki in the top left area.

Also how do you make money

Make money with /vote, selling stuff to the collector npc at the space station in sobrii, or trading crates between trade cities. You could also try to trade with players

You should check each planet on the /map before you go there to find a location to land. How did you die?


Also mainly died From these causes in this order:
Starvation, monsters, people, having to do /suicide or be stuck on a planet for eternity

Dont forget bazaar which probably technically falls under Trading with people (but it’s probably a thing we should mention). For Nave, just so you know bazaar works like this: /bazaar string (while holding item you want to sell)
then do /bazaar create [item’s string/id so name and number] [cost]
after that, with as many of the item as you want to sell, do /bazaar deposit [start typing item and press tab, or type full string].