Hijacking and Trade city safety


so, right now on foot combat is really kinda useless, and in a chase someone can just run into a trade city. i know the trade city thing is mentioned a lot but i think it needs 2 be changed.

  1. For on foot combat, i think hijacking would help fix this. maybe like a magnet module on some Armour piece so that you can attach to a ship and it cant just move from under you. also when your inside having it so the ship cant just move from under you. also having it so /eject only works in trade cities. this would prevent people from just sitting in your ship waiting to leave in a city, while still having hijacking be possible.

  2. maybe a timer for the trade city like the combat log timer, that would be cool.

so yeah those are my suggestions.

Edit: for the hyjacking sugjestion mabye also make a way so you can do this in space, and not just suffocate while your on the outside of a ship. mabye like a module for that to? idk.


The idea of having it be possible to enter a ship already in-flight is great, especially the inside - it should just add you to the ship’s passengers. Being able to clutch onto the outside is more iffy, but the idea of a special boot module makes this more reasonable. However, I disagree that /eject should only work in trade cities; that would overcorrect in terms of hijacking capability and make it all too easy. If your starship can detect a player outside itself and shoot autoturrets at them, it stands to reason that the ship should be able to detect a player inside itself and eject them. But since players without ships don’t show on the radar, a player could conceivably sneak onto a ship and just evade the attention of the pilot, and kill them before they can enter /eject into the command console.

As for trade city timers, please no. Safezones were added because they were necessary, I know many people long for the times before the November trade update, but the staff did not make such a huge update without reason. Combat NPCs are enough in terms of anti-combat-evasion, a trade city timer would be just yet another buff to offensive combat on a server where offense already overpowers defense most of the time.


Actually, there’s a middle ground to both of these. One idea a couple people from a variety of nations came up with awhile ago in chat was a docking time at cities. You had to stand still at a city for a period of time to “dock” and gain the city protection. If you take fire from any ship weapons during this time, you cannot dock. (Blaster cannons do not stop this docking time). This time could be anywhere from 2-4 minutes. To stop this from interfering with fast paced trade runs, you can get out of the ship during this period and load crates, but the ships shields will be down and able to be sunk until the docking period is up. (Again, blaster cannons do not affect the ships during the docking process). Overall, this idea allows for a middle ground, meaning you cannot just flee to cities but simultaneously you can gain the city protection.


Yeah this is a good idea, another thing I was talking about earlier is if you are flying a warship or were just flying one the city will not give u protection untill a certain amount of time has passed, this way people can’t just run to a trade city and hide, they can go there but have to evade getting shot untill the timer runs out and gives them protection


This idea DOES partialy solve the problem, but they can still just run into a trade city building and be safe from autoturrets and guns. their SHIP may not be safe but they will, and with the ship released it would be safe as well. any ideas on how to stop that kinda thing?


I think I was unclear. Their ship would still be able to be shot down and destroyed in city and any items/crates would drop from the ship but no wreckage would occur. In response to Bixlo, this should definitely not only apply to warships. Trade ships should be vulnerable to pirates attempting to intercept their trade runs.


What happens if they release though, can the enemy still shoot it and get the stuff?


Yes, this still applies if they release prior to timer completion.


so ur saying the ships blocks explode and turn into items right?


Right now, this wouldn’t work as there would be too many ship blocks for storage aboard ships that would be dropped.