Hibernia TC application

All requirements met,
We have a landing pad as well and a trade center area. Most of the ships have been moved to an out of the way area on the west worldborder in prep for scrapping, and the map shows many ghost ships.
Theres 25k in the bank, and we do have a cityscape although an untraditional one. I’ve checked with reputed builders and such as Kwaz, Peregri, amgar and some others to make sure they think its developed enough. If theres anything else necessary contact me on Discord
The general idea with the design of Hibernia is to have it be a rustic and spread out design, intentionally made to appear somewhat rural. This however does not mean that we lack structures or infrastructure, every location in Hibernia has a connection to the main road system, and has road signs pointing where they can be found. Hibernia is dotted and lined with numerous rustic style, japanese influenced buildings designed by Peregri, which can be found with short sceneic walks between each. Hibernia’s bridge is a picturesque image of tranquility which only serves to compliment the plentiful lakes and trees of Sakaro.
I would argue that Sakaro and Hibernia together make for a beautiful experience on the server, and deserve the protection and traffic that being a trade city grants it!

Wrong Category I believe. (In my opinion the city looks nice btw)

Griff is correct, there is a category for trade city apps (wont be denied on that fact i believe)

What category did I even post it in? Did I post it in a category at all?

no you didnt, forest :joy: