Ground troopers


I was thinking what’s the point of having a nation without an army so why not add some type of npc that would fight for your nation I think this would be a great idea

How this would work
I think this should work by taming a creature and then have it loyal to your nation it would make ground battles much better were you could deploy many of them and have them battle it out with the opposing nations army this would make ground combat much more advanced and fun


Great idea but without any npcs serving purposes other than ground troops it wouldn’t make sense.
Also it comes with the drawback of making someone’s pvp skills less important, a risk that we probably shouldn’t take.


What if we used a mob like a skeleton and made it tameable and loyal to the nation of the one that tamed it


I like this idea, but only if the troops are less powerful than a normal player. This way, they pressure the players in combat, but won’t kill a player with the appropriate gear. These troops would need to be inaccurate with their weapons, but not enough that they can’t ever land a hit. This would mean attacks have to be slower, and navigate through cover so that players can’t pick off the troops from far away. In terms of making the troops, there could be a machine that takes heavy amounts of power and has a cool down of 4 hours, but it generates a single spawn egg of this troop (or outright spawns one)


I totally agree that the ground troops should be less powerful so their not op and I agree with the machines but I think there should be a lesser cooldown time