Ground Forces for SL


I’ve always thought that SL should have some sort of ground/surface component, like tanks/ground artillery. A potential idea would be to have some sort of “hovertank” craft that flies a maximum of a few blocks above the surface of the world. The hovertank craft would have stats that make it a easy counter to typical surface to air turret, however it would be slower than a starship (and also not be able to fly off planets by itself).


Hover is a good idea! also i said we need ground forces on Ground Battle Uptade Part #1 already and looks like noone cares it BUT WE NEED İT


Factions mobs plugin.
It will work perfectly with skeletons if Micle arms them with blaster rifles. It is also customizable.


we don’t use factions so it wouldn’t actually work at all :stuck_out_tongue:


That’d be COOL. hey micle, why just dont modify it for nation system boi?


Agreed 100%, it shouldn’t be too hard at all.