Ground Battle Uptade Part #1


We have lots of starship types in space. Lots of weapons and multiblock and stuff, right? Also there is few ways to battle in this server. I want to make Infantry and armored ground battles more exiting. So idk if you guys already planning but here is a major uptade suggestion group. There is suggestions from other players. ill just put a link for theirs.

1-Blaster Cannnon
A normal cannon. Only diffrence is its not ballistic. It fires lasers.

Dispenser need to be faced to iron block
İt will use gunpowder and iron ingot as ammo.

Metarials: 11x Terracotta 1x Tier Block 1x Glass 3x Concrete 1x Dispenser 1x sign


İdea of Trainfan8

3-Mounted MG

A ballistic MG just like in real life
needs a bit of re-texture.

Metarials: 1x Anvil 1x Fence

A multiBlock fires when a ship gets dedected.
it fires if redstone lamp dedects a ship passing top of it. Fires (powerful as plasma cannon) and fence dissappears. It works on any ship even on your ship. just put a fence to reload. Simple trap.

Metarials: 1x Fence 1x İron Block 1x Concrete 1x Redstone lamp 1x sign

thats it for today, but ill make new parts later. Cya -Kanarya05


Edit: you can disable harpoon by clicking on sign

Ground Forces for SL