Gravitation - Slingshots - Projectile Trajectories - Tesla Coils - New Mechanic Ideas!


Here are a bunch of fun ideas I have put together


The planet representing spheres in space serve little purpose other than providing a gateway into the planet itself and trapping stray freighters and shuttles within non-despawned versions of themselves while on orbit. Now, planets have a “Gravitation Field” surrounding them, which basically means they warp projectiles around them. Only Kinetic weapon projectiles, not Energy-based ones. They would sort of bend the trajectory to sort of towards them, but then let them go, sort of like the system in the game Worbital. This would introduce interesting mechanics for battles near planets and such.


This ties directly into the previous mechanic. It means that a kinetic projectile traveling at a certain angle within the gravitation field of a planet would be accelerated and bent in a more significant manner.

Tesla Coils

Now, this is where things get interesting.

Tesla coils are a new conceptual weapon where they shoot arcs of electricity (particles/lightning). They arc towards the nearest ship and strikes them. This has both pros and cons. The good thing is that the wielder doesn’t really need to have good aiming skills - the bolts automatically hit the ship. The bad thing is that you can’t tell it which ship you want to hit. It will always hit the nearest ship. You can’t tell it, like, “hit that ship, not this one”. This means it’s really good versus smaller faster ships, like auto turrets. There’s also another mechanic associated with it, that would make it more interesting, but it’s not necessary. It’s that the chance of hitting a nearby ship also heavily depends on its metal content. What this means is that a ship with LOTS of metal used in its construction, like Iron Blocks, Copper Blocks, etc would attract Tesla bolts more, but those with less would not be as attractive to these bolts. A ship with no metal blocks would either not be hit by these bolts or have a very tiny chance to be hit by them. This would open up avenues for no-metal corvettes to swarm tesla crafts and still be nearly immune to them. Also, the Tesla coils absolutely demolish concrete. Did I mention that?

Power Diversion

Frankly, it should be possible to divert power from certain components of a ship to others. Like, if I diverted powers from my shields to my thrusters, my shields would deactivate, but my thrusters would be much more powerful, and vice versa.

And that’s the conclusion of my ideas so far!


Tesla coils sound awesome, jsayin!


Hmmm planet slingshot star trek time travel episode???


Probably a bit too complex for sl, it is already very hard for new players


MrNoty, most of this is optional/applies only in certain locations. You need not get into Tesla Coils if you don’t want to, not fight near planets if you don’t wanna slingshot or gravitation, or not diverting power if you don’t want to. They’re just extra mechanics to improve gameplay in moderate cases, not increase the complexity of basic ones.