Give Moderators A Break


People seemed to miss this on discord, so I’m sticking it here.

Alright, so yesturday I had the problem of being asked of to many things of to many people. Look, I enjoy helping people and solving problems, but I don’t appreciate it when you ask me about everything, when the wiki exists and there are 25 other people online(Examples being: “How do I fly?” or “Where do i go to sell crates?” and “What’s coming in the next update?”). Look, I understand you are curious, but I refuse to be a walking encyclopedia. A mod’s purpose may be to help, but the quality of the help decreases the more you ask for help. As so, I was trying to function as a normal player, but I couldn’t because I was being bombarded with questions as “What do I do in this situation?” etc etc etc! I know some of you understand, but really, the wiki and forums exist for a reason. You can’t always expect a moderator to come to your aid when a part of the eco station nukes itself. You can’t expect a moderator to always be there when you need a refund. I took a break cause yesterday was chaos with everyone begging for my help. I hope you all understand, cause I am done with being a wiki page that talks.


Lel ik how u feel, I usesd to bee a mod for a popular mc server and ye, that server is dead now tho ands the noobs were annoying, I understood them but I couldn’t stand being pinged o. The discord’s ever 5 mins