GhostDogYT's ban appeal (he's muted so I'm posting this for him)

Note: Silver is banned on forums so GenBukkit has given me permission to post his appeal for him.

Hello, this is Silver/GhostDogYT, I have been banned for a few months now, and I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I was told I would be unbanned if I told staff the glitch to unlocking ships. I talked to Emeris for a while and told him the glitch. If there is anything else staff needs to know, dm me; I will do my best to answer any and all questions. Gen said that the glitch didn’t work, however it did unlock ships when I used to play. If any staff have questions about it, dm me please. My discord is Lone_Ghost#5428. I’ve made sure not to tell any players the glitch, as requested by the mods. I know I used to be very toxic and break a lot of rules, but I’ve matured a lot and I’ve learned to be less toxic. I will make sure that I will refrain from being toxic and breaking rules. If anyone ever starts being toxic in chat or insults me, I won’t be toxic back, or contribute to the argument. I’ve definitely learned my lesson and will try to help staff fix the glitch (if it’s not already patched) and do everything else staff say. I’ve read over the rules so I know what I need to change. I was banned for abusing a lock glitch, and refusing to tell staff what it was; I do admit that I abused the glitch, but I promise I won’t do it again.

Thanks for your time, Silver.

This ban appeal has been accepted. It should be made clear that you’ll be on thin ice due to your past. Hopefully you’ve changed enough that we will not need to ban you again.
Have fun :smiley:

Has already managed to try and insult me by calling me a furry, we’re off to a good start.