Generation ship class

The Generation ship class.

Name: Generation class.

Size: 60k-80k (Maybe even 100k, but that will be laggy.)

Power output: 210,000 points of electricity (These things are cities in space)

Special perks/disabilities?: Most generation ships can’t use Faster-Than-Light travel, including Hyperdrive. They, however, output a LOT of power to Ion thrusters, seeing as they are conventional on these ships.

Potential uses:
*Fallback base suitable for housing entire settlements and nations
*Literal fortress on thrusters
*Allows for bigger builds to be printed, as well

*The whole no-HD
*Would be harder to maneuver

*Giant ships to give more purpose to leveling up
*Weapon to surpass Metal Gear

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I like this idea a lot!

Pros:infinite chests